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About Us

About us

About Tilami

Tilami was established at 2013 and has been committed to providing children with a healthy, relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle. Our aim is to bring happiness to kids and hope them can find more interesting things around them instead of being troubled by heavy schoolbags during school.

Our Story

Tilami rolling backpack is all started with the love for kids. The heavier and heavier schoolbags put pressure on children's shoulders and even be the suppression of their growth. Tilami noticed this problem. The first thing comes to mind was using trolley case, but it’s heavy and big which is not suitable for kids. By chance, we came up with rolling backpacks. Finally we decide to make and sell professional rolling backpack after fully researching the market, so Tilami was born.

Easy Rolling Easy Tilami

Backpacks that can be carried on the shoulder or by the hand adopt high-quality, durable and environment-friendly polyester, it has large capacity and a partition function. Not to mention the cute patterns, excellent workmanship, soft and adjustable straps, wheel covers, the wear-resistant and low-noisy wheels. One thing to note is that Tilami rolling backpack is not only for kids, but also for adults. You can bring them for work, travel , business trip and any other places. We also have lunch bags, suits(rolling backpack+lunch bag) and clear bags. Welcome to our website (www.tilamionline.com)to browse more practical & stylish bags .

Wheeled Backpack Empower Everyone

Learn to lighten your burden and to live with an easy life. Hope Tilami can give you the strength to keep organized and realize wishes. Life is like a long journey, no matter where you are, please let Tilami accompany you!