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Tilami rolling backpack

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About Tilami

We launched our first Tilami rolling backpack in 2013 because we believe that Tilami can bring children a healthier way to carry their books and other school supplies.


This is a fab backpack with wheels. The amount of books my son has to carry for forth grade is beyond ridiculous. So to prevent a back alignment for him/my self...this has been great. Holds all including a laptop and I really like the strong durable fabric for the water bottle . Most backpacks I purchased in the past come with this really cheap mesh but this really good quality. Also has lot of different pockets and compartments to hold multiple stuff. Highly recommend and will be purchasing different design for fifth grade.

Francisco Stratta

I love this backpack with the stroller. I truly wish I knew about this one sooner. My children were always coming home with hurting backs after carrying so many books from school. This backpack is roomy and has wheel covers. I love this backpack and I have to say that I was impressed with the company too. Why? They put a card in their backpacks to please give them a chance to correct anything you don't like before leaving any negative review. Clearly this is a company going for good customer service. However, I ordered two different ones and I am very happy with both. Would definitely recommend.


The Tilami rolling back pack lived up to my expectations. It arrived earlier than promised and is able to hold all my nursing supplies for my job. True to the description the back pack does not fall forward with the extended arm extended. I really like the design for the water bottles tilting backward give the product added stability while rolling and when in standing position. I am very pleased with the purchase.

Jamie Yassen

This bag is absolutely adorable and very sturdy. My kid loves all the pockets and I love all the padding it has. The handle is great and the bag should last us a long time and a lot of travel.


This was a gem! We have always loved the Pottery Barn Backpack sets. But during Covid, there were less designs available and shipping took a long time. So I opted to look for another brand and it was hard to find any reviews on the back pack set at that time. But my daughter loved it. She got a lot of compliments on the design. It’s very functional and well-made. It fits her Chromebook, books and other supplies. The best part is she can either use it as a rolling back pack or plain back pack at any time. So, we are very happy with the purchase.


I purchased this for my daughter and was worried about pretty much everything. My first concern was the handle might stick, but it worked perfectly. It turns smoothly. There are pockets everywhere which my daughter loves. It turns easily and has a padded compartment for a laptop. I am seriously impressed with the quality. Beautiful graphics, I had worried they'd look pixelated, but it's beautiful.

Kimberly Quintero