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seastig Little Fox Rolling Backpack Girls Boys 18in Wheeled Backpack Kids Backpack with Lunch Box and Pencil Case School Travel Bag


Sturdy, durable and practical. Suits for schooltravelbusiness trip and other occasions. The capacity is big enough to hold books, stationery and laptop. The shoulder straps are adjustable and have soft padding. The wheels are low-noisy and wear-resistant. Whatever being carried on the back or rolled by the wheels, it can both lighten the shoulders.

  • Polyester
  • Weight: 3lb
  • Recommend load-bearing: 33lb
  • Aviation size limits: Size Allows
  • Ergonomic design
  • Stable footing, large & smooth rolling wheels
  • With key hook, mesh side pocket and wheel covers
  • Scratch-resistant bottom guard
  • Collisoin resistant front & side shield
  • Package include: Rolling Backpack*1, Lunch Bag*1, Pencil Case*1

Customer Reviews

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Cute and roomy!

My little fox has a roller suitcase with a very similar fox print on it, so she was delighted to get this backpack/lunch tote/pouch set. Both the backpack and lunch box are nice and roomy. In fact, it turns out that the backpack is a little on the larger side for her petite 3rd grade frame and a little heavier than she’d like because of the handle/wheels, so we’re using it for travel instead of school. It’s perfect for weekend getaways where all she needs is a packing cube of clothes, jacket, her favorite stuffy of the week, toiletries, journal, and her Kids Kindle. We were previously using a packable backpack but found that the lack of structure makes it too bottom heavy as well as hard for her to find things that just sink to the bottom. She loves the lunch bag, though for whatever reason prefers to use it without the shoulder strap, which was one of the main features I was initially shopping for! It’s large enough to hold her wide mouth insulated container, water bottle, and a snack (and more). Incidentally, the lunch tote was originally intended for my older daughter to use, but she wants to be able to slide her lunch bag into her backpack. She felt like this one was too big to do that, even though its soft-sidedness means that it could technically be shoved into a backpack. We love this adorable set, and I can definitely see using it myself if my kid ever decides she’s done with her fox phase!