Tilami Colorful Sky Rolling Backpack 18 inch with Lunch Bag

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Amara Eng
Super cute!

Great size and nice design. Exactly how the image was presented.

Lite and compact

Love this little backpack. Lite and compact. Perfect for traveling.

Very Nice

The bookbag is nice and my little one loves it. Having the pocket on the inside front makes it fall over when the chromebook is in there but other than that, it's a great bookbag. The lunch box is great too!

Good quality wheels and handle

6-year old needed a larger backpack than her prior one (which didn't fit a folder properly) and asked for a wheeled one because she's seen them at airports. I know wheely backpacks are quite popular at some schools, but not at her elementary school where they are more relaxed about workload.

Seems the quality of the wheels and handle are excellent. The extendable handle mechanism is aluminum with a plastic grip. The straps can be tucked in so they don't drag and/or you can use the velcro patches to keep the strap ends out of the way. The wheel cover - for when you use it in backpack form and you want to keep the wheels from touching your clothes - is permanently attached so it won't get lost. She hasn't felt the need to use that, but definitely a feature I would use if it was my backpack.

Pockets/compartments: Main large compartment approx 14" tall x 10" across x 6" wide at the bottom, with an inner "laptop" divider (only about 12" deep if you need to secure the velcro tab closure). Medium compartment approx 14" tall x 9" x maybe 1.5 or 2" wide at bottom. Small approx 10" tall x 8.5" across x 2" wide at bottom, and x-small 7" tall x 8" across. Plus two side water bottle pockets. Good quality nylon zippers.

So far, love it. Love the llamas. Was glad she chose something other than unicorns of which there are already plenty throughout her belongings.