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Tilami Rolling Backpack 18 inch Double Handle with Lunch Bag Wheeled Kids Backpack, Black

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Customer Reviews

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Almost Perfect

I decided to get this rolling backpack for my daughter because we walk to and from school and she was complaining about her back hurting from carrying her heavy backpack (it was so heavy that I didn't want to carry it either).
This backpack is small but has enough room to fit all of her 6th grade text books, composition notebooks, binder, and school supplies. It rolls pretty smoothly, zippers are fine, and the handle height is just right for her size. Backpack straps tuck in so that they do not drag on the ground. The lunch tote is an extra added bonus.
Not sure how much mileage we will get from the small plastic wheels, which cannot be swapped out with replacement wheels if needed. Also, when the backpack is full and standing upright, sometimes it falls forward even when the heaviest/biggest items are in the largest compartment closest to the handle. It would've been nice if the two little front legs were just a bit taller so that the backpack is more level (and not leaning forward). One last thing, the side water bottle holder is not very deep so her reusable water bottle falls out sometimes when rolling over bumpier sidewalks.
Other than that, it does its job and she seems to like it. Her friends have also shown interest in it. It's a keeper for us.